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Metavists is the tale of 3 hybrid superheroes bringing effective altruism to the public to create an efficient and corruption-free world of philanthropy. We give donors the choice to make data driven donations to NGOs that practice user friendly transparency.

Purchase a Metavists Digital Collectible to join the coalition that sets you on a noble mission which unlocks premium experiences starting with the Metavists App.

*Getting enlisted gives you the opportunity to mint your mythical fighter prior to the public sale at a discounted rate!

The Myth of Hayalah

The Myth of Hayalah

In the land of Hayalah, where mythical creatures and hybrids dwell, a great battle is brewing. The dark force known as The Whisperer seeks to destroy the inter-realm gates that connect Hayalah to other realms, including the realm of humankind. The Whisperer hopes to cut off access to the valuable sources of mystical healing energy that flow through the inter realm gates, through his corruptive iron grip on the NGO industry.

The fate of all realms hangs in the balance, and the outcome of this epic battle will determine the course of history. Will our heroes triumph over evil, or will The Whisperer succeed in its sinister plan?

Destruction Births Destiny

From heart-wrenching tragedies to devastating losses, our heroes have faced it all. But through their struggles, they have emerged stronger and more determined than ever to prevent you from experiencing the same pain. Explore the emotional depths of these iconic characters and discover the resilience that lies within them.

This is not the end…

This is not the end…

Though the times may seem dark, fear not, for our heroes have crafted an ingenious plan. Working with established partners, we seek to put an end to the Whisperer's grip on the nonprofit industry that is loaded with benefits and perks for you.

Go to our Roadmap page to learn of the plans set forth to vanquish these evil forces. Together, we can overcome any obstacle and transform philanthropy for the new age. Enlist now and let us stand together against the darkness.


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